Six degrees of separation haunting me with your presence.

A lover once turned enemy at the beckon call of those meant to destroy golden hearts.

Avoiding conflict at all cost to save the will that peels back the layers of deception.

different planets that house the same landscape looking out into the mirror that can’t be broken.

Hubble hugs girl in Hope of squeezing out a life of picture perfect smiles.

A happiness my heart could not hold and expectations that survive only in dreams.

Power left flat in your Sunday breakfast cakes while steeling silent looks over the newspaper.

Getting a do over in the next life as owls and butterflies explore the forest sucking nectar off the blooms.

Telepathic communication serving as redemption to a distorted situation in which friends and ego won’t allow to take flight.

May you be happy in her arms and sanctuary in your brain, finding the missing parts of you that I could never measure up to.

Six degrees of separation

keep us forever linked but never known.

New Year writing Challenge

Happy new you. This writing Challenge is a rhyming challenge so get out your dictionary and have some fun.


Length: Any

Rules: no rules: DON’T THINK…. Here is mine

Knocked to the ground

Yet my heart, it was found

in a place through the dark

I fought to regain my spark

ripped to shreds, left all alone

picking scars, rocking bones

Working hard

Regaining strength

towards a better time and place…

read my words to the crowd


replaced this tarnished crown

got more real in the end

chose to be my only friend

drew the light to my side

so i have no more need to hide.


Primal Boundaries

A year spent digging into the cave of treasures that lay hidden beneath misunderstanding, I found the primal boundaries I forgot to collect along the way.

A disinterested and dismissive dad bread dismissive and disinterested partners. An overbearing and ragefull mom cultivated a ragefull and overbearing attitude. Abusive and mocking siblings sent all of us to different corners of the world.

An object in motion stays in motion until acted upon by a force. A force so strong that it sends shockwaves into the nervous system and comes out sideways. Radical self awareness the only cure and pain it’s natural side effect.

No shame in saying goodbye to contracts that ancestry set in motion and collective culture puts pressure on those tablets from the mountain. Up on high with expectations that burn faster than the bush.

The deep ocean is the starting place to find a wisdom beyond what he thinks or she says about my character. Swimming with the fish that take in oxygen where no light exists and micro organisms not seen by the naked eye flourish.

Primal boundaries; the kind that knows how to laugh at the nonsense coming from the trained responses handed down to us from the grandparents-grandparent and put into a fallout shelter just in case you fall out of line.

A boundary deeper than, walk away, or talk to the hand. One that speaks louder than defenses and engagement. One that can ride the wave of silence or shout out with the same conviction to discern and not convict.

Primal boundaries can’t be taught and must be felt. They sing the tune of respect and fairness, forgiveness and honesty but most importantly the terrifying journey of sacred vulnerability that can only be felt under the surface of this so called life.