Circle around

During my week of circle around the sun and as I contemplate my past present and future I have come to discover the true nature of Tribe. I’ve spent my whole life searching for that one Tribe of bff’s, creative collaborators and spiritual seekers all in one basket. This has caused me to feel lonely, left out, angry, insecure and desperate. The source wounding started innocently in preschool when I wasn’t allowed to sit in the reading tent to listen to the story of Cinderella (my favorite at the time); little did I know it would be a loose metaphor for my life but without out the golden slipper or Prince Charming to save me. I did of course always have my fairy god mother each step of the way whispering reality into my ear.

I have learned since that TRibe Shows up in many forms and multiple circles. The Highest, being the Tribe of the visionary and creative mission. I’ve grown comfortable with my Tribes of nostalgia, recreation, sensual pleasures, career and wisdom. If they integrate into one co/community I welcome it; however I am growing ever more satisfied with the diversity of not fitting in anywhere but connecting everywhere. Happy birthday to me.

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