4Theheart of Skakespeare

Queen Maya Rose

Time Hat my lord a wallet at his back wherein he puts Olms of oblivian

A great sized monster of ingratitudes. Those scraps are good deeds past

Which are devowOrd as fast as they are maid. FORGOT as soon as DONE.

PERseverence Deer my lord. keepshonorbright To HAVE DONE is to hang quite out of fashion like arusty

MAIL on monumental MOCKERY

take the INSTANT way

for emulation hth a tousand sons dat onebyone PurSUE

If you GIVE WAY or HEDGE aside from the direct 4nite like to an entered TIDE they all RUSH BY and leave you kindmost

Or like a gallant horse fallen in first RANKliethere 4payment to the abject Rear. or RUN& trampled on.

Then What they do in PRESENT tho less than yours of PAST must orTOPU

For TIME is like a fashionable host dat slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand and wit iz…

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