Drug of choice

to know your drug of choice young ones before it catches you in the dark.


a longing love swept up by the fantasy of sleeping beauty turning a frog into a prince. The pea scraping scrappy knees.


smoking endless circles touching the trees an american spirit of independence and rage.

Ice cream


substitute for sex and shopping for coffee knick knacks and sports cars.

Plastic face and doctor’s drug

keeping a tiny island from running off course an towards the straight an narrow.


objective reality to let it be what is what it is and mad be mad.

A jill of all trade indulging a lot of addictions a little bit letting all relief be fair game unless it involves puking and brain shock.

a judgement Held tight until I listened to the stories of those sensitive earth salts that dare to be alive and broken.

The cruel joke hold on this planet of apes reimagined through a key hole of glass houses and dry drunks.

First stone is on me with a scarlett A apologizing to the moon. Burning at the steak house where my gift certificate is still valid. Lady in the red dress I picked up at the mall when I was a teenager and thought I was carefree.

A child’s drug of choice

painting by leahjoyart

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