apology with a capital A

not a little me Ay that is sorry to save being sorry.

I off load my maddening pressure cooker to demand love and erupt fire through a pair of black bangs and a history of love’s dysfunction.

A pattern not seen in the narcassistic glow of white teeth letting her squeeze his shoulders tight in wounded egg yolks sprinkled with garlic before the breakfast bell rings and the kitchen closes.

i apologize, small i since mine eyes could not see you as a different wave that my body board was not conditioned to two by two but one for all and lj will mop up the spills happy go lucky.

A miserable money maker and dude shaker with single minded determination to stick to you like glue and hold on for dear life until i catch my breath. Oblivious to my bull dozer and the dozing you as a natural reaction to my distorted image we brush up against each time we meet.

An apology big A is like a grate over a sewer drawn into the watery mess at the bottom and colored leaf fall that seems nostalgic. A dirty mess that I shouldn’t press my face up against in case i drop the keys out of my pocket into the curbside hole.

ay A apology is

A a work in progress.

How do I love someone who isn’t broken?Anod to all great poets.


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