Oh sweet niece of mine please forgive me forgive me now

How I never knew how i let you down and betrayed your trust by being a loyal hog to the family secret that you knew all along with your poise and your flare.

I didn’t stand up for you when your father wasn’t there. I coward in a bond that only the wound from the umbilical cord feels. Stranded and cutie faced i did my dance and jig and told wise tales that my cracked heart could muster but I failed.

Youth is only a few handfuls and then the threshold is crossed to pick up the pieces of a whirlwind hooten-anny and drum sounds. The ocean is still singing our echos of whoo woo woo over their and the squint of sand clear up in my face cake. rainbow sprinkles and henna tattoos recording videos of the shared pain.

A spiral pain that lives in parallel worlds and different dimensions crossing at the giggle mark and marking it down for our vocal chords. A pear shaped ring playing pretend wedding as all girly girls do. A son rap diddlee about a boy and a cat and a cradle with a tarnished spoon.

Giving you secret permission to eat the ice cream but never commanding the warden to practice what he preaches and we get to write about it as cautionary tale linked to world events made bearable by jesus and some voodoo crystals.

i apologize to you about the crystals and to jesus for brianna taylor.

family not friends

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