Morning Pagesquarentine

Safer At home or with a true spark of joy. Trees are good for that. The rain is great and sometimes just sitting on your bed writing your thoughts. The interesting quest of being alone and the wonderful pealing away of the attachment trauma… whoo knew. Parents. Dr shafali parents…. boobs penis vagina dick butt hole butt hole poop poop pea pea pussy puppy lion heart. Dick pea boobs head shoulders knees and toes… shit. shower don’t shave coffee love repeat. talk to your kids about sex before the perpt talks to them for you and and talk to Dr Laura Bergman not Dr Ruth. Or Dr Ruth on netflix. Try it you will like it. it can’t hurt after “welll when you know you know….” know what.. huh… mom.. dad.. get out of my room… before they are teenagers… Confirmation hearings.. Cory Booker good guy. Amy Artemis……..Good Girl… agape….

back to that spirit of meditaion while blaming and hating my angel beauty and devil mad puppyDog. A husky ball game in my ego death. sic of 1 and 12 of others with a dime bag of fun and a nickle bag of funkee… do you smell something fun girlBoyboyGirluu…. yy uu so mad. sad…. uu hurt heart. yy mind are you changing again badGood////????######Briana Taylor of 6.. George Floyd 8.46. Ya know it is hard out there for a pimp…. all that is going on is the RENT… no scrubs……naked and compy….bunnyrabbit. Rabit and the turtle entourage….10-4 i blame myself.. i wuv moi… i hate uuu. he loves me he loves me not. i blame my parents.. i wuv uu.. i hate moi. she loves me he loves me knot….choke hold. repeat… heart hug walk away walk away game….

What happen to me. tomy beauty and self. running a marathon in my mind.

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