Hello Expressionist. i know this quarantine is making most, if not all of us a bit batty (2 say the least) but this can be a great opportunity to experiment with your art. I have been reframing covid to mean sabbatical. How many working artist get a break to write, sing, draw and do all the things we wish to do when we retire? Well now is the time. Here is your challenge: write a three page story about your ideal retirement and sabbatical. Then put it into a song; rap; picture or collage. No rules. This the time to expand past your normal tone of voice and see what else lives below the deck.

I am using my time to finish up my second book: “Grace and Lifelines” and I look forward to sharing with you again; but not tooo soon…. Quaratine sabbtical is also a great time to be alone and allow the silent boredom to take you to creative places you would not ordinarily have time to explore.

Yes the world is on fire and we are all grieving but we can look at this as a easy way to retreat and be with your own expression… Enjoy… See ya on the flip side,,,,,,and keep up your morning pages… I will:)

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