as innocent as my insides are the judgement cast upon my reputation is lost in the wise eyes of the owl. He sits so still on that perch basking in the pollen sparkling around his feet. No accountability to the heart and the daggers prick me with a birthday message to send me over the edge. Taking sides to the killer in which the horse led me to and hides behind a smile of discontent propped up by prying minds.

I settle on the apparition that reached out a hand with razor blades and mixed memories on chapped lips glossed over so delicately. I must be wrong to believe in a life whispering speckles of new earth wishing for a solid being to redeem my trust.

Ignoring the etheric reality in favor of the easy lay and the mailing list for an adoring mural. Graffiti splattered in his denial of decency and law. Dismissed to our common humanity by aloof sarcasm and gossip. It takes courage to admit to being wrong yet our middle earth does not reward anything that does not make us money or view us famous.

Throw out all the garbage and set a brand new playlist in order to numb out the service of one and the coattails of all. Life is not fair and villain’s will laugh at your funeral and pretend against responsivity for sicking the pitbull on the milkman. He knows not what he does father in heaven of all our children left out in the ice and snow.

Ego has a way of diving down and sticking our heads in the sand and blowing the trumpet to ward off feelings. Easy come easy go when hollywood progress places those at the door on the red carpet. A Vip list in high heels and tube tops supported by con men and winner takes all.

Helpless to the night tossing and turning wasting my zzzz’s to peek into some sense of raw deal. Stripped raw and never to care again beyond my own cloud animal ready to be taken by the wind. Stuck pondering if the star is a mere reflection of a planet long burned out shining residual lite for you and me to pull us back to what I can touch.

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