Coward in the mirror

fake friends playing with flying monkeys.

Maintaining the disco ball making abuse normal

Siding with the scum of the swamp threatening the sooth sayers

Towing the line keep status quo with an air guitar

Poking the wrong bear to keep narcs in hibernation

Badge of valor creeping to a diplomat’s podium

Pandemic illusion coward to speak out against the grain

get rid of the revolutionaries who stand alone in gentle rightousness

keep quiet to protect the child from mountain lions roaming your street

no respect for those who blow the whistle on candy corn and jack o lanterns.

Placed in high positions guaranteed to prevent change and used to toot hypocrisy.

The verge of the cusp of nothing and never see reality.

Turning of emotions in order to be robot for applause from a party of one.

loneliness guilted to be the glitter in the room and silenced in the attic.

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