Hello expressionist. Welcome to my rant. Since we are all in quarantine and not able to meet in person I must get my fix somewhere. Your welcome by the way. Here is my question to the mass or just one of you. Who are you being in the face of Covid?

This is the question i have on my mind as i watch the mainstream conversation on basically all my favorite television outlets. My frustration continues to grow as I see our country do the same bypassing that we always do just with a more somber tone.

In my world covid is teaching me to go within and clean out all the old past chilhood trauma’s that have interfere with my life. For my new earth friends they are collecting and distributing food for community members in need. For some they are using the opportunity to better know their family, friends and especially their children.

I see some of this reflected in the “media” aka “US” but it tends to be the background story to yet again another dog and pony show political showdown. It seems like covid is become a cash cow for the news to reinvent themselves without digging into the real issues.

I worked in the news field during college and know all about agenda setting and attention grabbers, it is the reason I ran for the hills and decided to go to LA to be a movie star instead. Broadcasting is a typical plan b for most actors on the east coast, much like being a casting director is the backup plan for those out west. Pretty talking heads that say very important things but have no skin in the game.

How we have boiled it all down to confirmation hearings and trump and the election is baffling to me. We live in a world with the most educated journalist and many letter carrying professionals yet the tone is the same across the board. Are we really thinking that all our problems are going to go away by voting. I know that is not something I usually say but we are in the now and the now reality, plus history is showing us that it is not enough.

This plague may pass by us with nothing but some clever biographies making the same talking heads even more rich than they are now. Some industries will collapse and some will be created. We know the routine, we have lived it many times over, but when are we going to shift the conversation. I picture a day when every major news organization presents like a charlie rose or a tavis smiley show. I am sure there are other out there that you can substitute for my examples, but the point is we must take the noise down ten notches.

I am not against debate or protest but can we have that be the side dish and not our main sustenance. My anger and fear is that we as a country will yet again waste an opportunity to talk the real talk. Katrina, Sandy, Sandy Hook, 911 and Breonna Taylor only scratches the surface. Expressionists it is up to us. The brave truth tellers to open our throat chakras and be the counter culture. I don’t see any other way but to ask yourself Who am i being in the face of covid?

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