my crazy cat

i had a crazy cat. Her name was Lady Pachamama. Actually she had several names before I landed on that one. It was a roll of the dice, or shall i say a roll of the goddess cards.

Picture it Korea Town Los Angeles. The new up in coming trendy town. I didn’t choose this intentionally. I have never been on the in with what is hot in hollywood, yet I seemed to always be there. Even when i got my “tramp stamp” at venice beach long before it was a mark of the whore. I just thought is was fun and I got to put my favorite quote above my butt. Why not.

I spent most of the day at the animal cat show market place for rejected animals to be adopted. It was a big decision. I was not allowed to have pets as a kid and it was a swear to even mention it………..

to be continued… coffee time..

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