my personal Writing Challenge DEC 1-24th

okie dokie… So Expressionist.. Who would like to join me or support me or just observe me on my x-mass expressionist challenge::::::

Starting December 1st through x-mas eve

Name of challenge is the 12 daze of holiday “french fish” ivy

The mode: (and as always the intention is to go out of my comfort zone what ever that may be to dip into my creative vulnerbilty…as we dooo)

Video Morning pages: Artist way Stream of throat chakra expression

goal: clean voice pipes of stuck words..

How” Artist way page morning pages if you care to join along on my adventure.

Rules; no rules but according to the mission and ethics of EME and freedom of speech and to share that speech in a creative way outside of your normal day 2 day..

For further information visit facebook eme or visit

and the rest of you know me so you know how this worksss….. with me luck….

See you Tomorrow…. I may be naked, in pajamas with a full afro… or all dolled up… comfort zone no more… i am moving into the comfy zone.. Game On…. now IMPROVise………I advise myself…. to lean in to the discomfort of being HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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