Lead me back to peace from the ringing in my ears.

A bed of willy wonka that blames the victims for being a victim.

A convenient truth to pave the way for democracy hijacked in your own living room.

Holding your lungs with carbon and all scamps of understanding to be explained on the radio hour on the hour evert hour with clever kkkkkkkIronsflashing your instinct to get over it before you rock da boat…


in the corner and precious gives a great story to brag rag to rich thank you very much tough love. i learned that is 3rd grade but forgot by high school. Give it to mikey and he will try biting your ears for the gold cup. Shiny justification to the hysterical robins that blend into the lawn.

A dime a dozen so kill two with stones and bones…… go eat worms victim and get a job deadbeat dealers pushing belonging to

the sidewalks….

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