I wonder how far i could push to be set free by the apparition in my body. How long can i spook that ghost into falling into the arms of a certain pleasure.

Can i shout it to go be free to let me live my natural desires guilt free and without maya’s sense of betrayal to a dream. When the windchimes press up against my longing and the bees try and sting my feet how much longer can i deprive the honey it’s basic life force.

Why do i wait, my waiting is not new but my chastity is. I wonder how far i could go to push the trees over the edge to land in a soft pile of sand in whatever bed of rock brings a smile to the face and peace within your striving for an answer.

Can i maneuver and manipulate no more, can i stomp my feet and huff my breath until the end or should i apply resistance to the want of knowing dignity and the touch of my true and their one. I am powerless and need god to do it for me and goddess to send in a lead character for this apparition that I will never get my hands on and will never let go of pushing….. to the edge of reality gone sane and in companions for you and for me. Separate or together.

My heart will go on. your heart deserves honest love. pure. ready. no pressure to please set my daydreams free. Sandman is waiting and the red tent is meant to flow goddess by divine reward to joey’s “how u doin” to his sacrificial coat of colors beyond a rainbow and back again.

Do you. Choose love. Choose Connection. Choose your person. Appreciate life and Carpe Diem. Merica…..

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