What is attachment trauma

Hello Expressionist…

Self awareness time. Many artist understand the therapeutic benefits of being creative; however there is a point in life that we all face a wall. it may show up as a car accident, a divorce or a terminal illness. In the anxiety and chaos of why an empathetic person can easily get thrown off course; There are so many mainstream explanations for this stuckness and our society tends to blame the individual rather than have compassion for the hidden reasons. I have made myself the gatekeeper of who is healthy, dysfunctional or pleasantly neurotic like me and did my duty at the mediation circle to show people how i have conformed to worthy or not.

What happens when we discover that we don’t know what we don’t know that we don’t know. The gods must be crazy for leaving hieroglyphics on an ancient religion before jesus and zeus but how do know our present moment link to those lost truths. Is the way we process emotions better today than yesterday. How do we know who is right and who is wrong when material image skews our ability to asses our own depression.

murder, suicide and oppression is not an exclusive club in which only the dredges are cast to as punishment for an empty pocket. us them not me not you as long as you don’t get mad but if you do get mad make sure you hold a position of power so nobody will abandon you. Love is only for the confident and life coaching is the wave of marginalization to the ones we care to give a hand up. Attachment trauma. A violation in which happens way before we have language to make sense of it and is most likely dirty remnants of the dust bowl and mass migration.

oliver twist entertains us as if we are far removed from the london back street east end dodge. First world toilet to keep it all contained. A child neglected must pick a pocket but button that lip once you are tall enough to wear the suit and carry a briefcase. Stuff it away… the past. Even if it is lonliness in your bathtub and coldness in the closet. modern idols to be strong enough to give yourself everything you need before someone finds out that you need other people. Not until we earn it and prove we have caught up to the new code that progress says or be left out.

We don’t know what we don’t know that we don’t know. We all have attachment trauma but empaths bare the responsibility for the powerful few who keep a stiff upper lip and teacher say’s show yur work then go play…. The gods must be crazy

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