Hello Expressionist.

It has been one week of my morning pages challenge and it is time to do a review. I was going to videotape it but felt the desire to stroke the keys. I am multi tasking and dusting off my typing tudor skills from back in the day. It can be very nice to write from a keyboard rather than a thumbnail..

So for those who are following along with the book “Artist Way” and like the laid out structure of morning pages set forth by the author; and for those who are taking pieces of the pearls and applying it to your own fun work I am doing the re read. In the book the author has you re read your morning pages at the end; which you are more than welcome to do. Since i have done this practice many times i am going outside the container to make it my own. You can follow my lead… now i start..

Major discoveries:

So i have discovered that there are certain things that i am more comfortable putting on paper than saying out loud. It is much easier to express anger in a poetic or even buffered way but to say it clear or even babble is much more intimidating than i thought. Which mean it is a good challenge. Anything outside the comfort zone for my own benefit is always good no matter how anxiety producing.

Life Discoveries;

I really enjoy not performing and the flexibility of not being under the spotlight or in front of the microphone. I am, however sad about the isolation of not being out with the audience. It was a wake up call that all performers are aware of but the utter devastation that my value to people was only when i was out and about. Finding my value outside of the performance venue or the job center.

Next chapter:

I still have two weeks to go so forging ahead with getting more comfortable in valuing myself without the theatre applause or the gel lights and still feel worthwhile. I am also doing some soulmate recalibration but that is always a lifetimes work in which i always place within the fabric of all my expression. Relationships are the reason we do it all, without that it is just sounds and words in an empty forest……

Does a bear shit…………alone in the woods???

does it smell if Wilson get’s thrown into the ocean???

or does is all go away during SHOWTIMe Appollo….???

k join me and see what is behind the mask…… what else do you have to do during quarentine.. EAT???

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