How to reclaim peace when abandonment has left me scarred and wounded

I am the villainy in their stories bread on secrets and lies and an easy scapegoat

I am a poet which is not a hobby and the pain I claim is real and not flights of fancy

Even though Aunt Nancy has fallen into god’s cruel joke leaving me abandoned and alone

The truth hurts when the words break through the fantasy of a family of gold

The invisible observer that is not suppose to take my passion seriously unless dad on high horse invites you into the club

a pattern I unconsciously repeated in danbury at a dark bar preaching my woes to players of a deeper order

Left with the pieces of my broken heart to get over the shock of being the bad guy and using all my might to not give a dam

I am a poet so my mind laughs at this notion cuz to shy away now leaves my legacy in hip pop crisiseee

I pave the way for the young and defiant

I walk the path of the bruised and battered sooth sayers

and I lay the foundation for my greatest test to not let go of the song in my heart and the cry of my writings

I am the villian and can not escape that label in the dark of status foes

I accept it begrudgingly knowing that all the powerful who brave the vulnerable have left this fate to us

to me

to my mission

of poet


no status

no bounty

no excuses

just a compelling to write it out

sing it out

drum it out

and bear the label of

begrudging while I sink into the human rat race from my bedside

and smoosh my blues into the sun

reclaiming my own fun in this pain

without the validation of the world

but with the determination in my mind





Eyes on the skies

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