Life drama is all a lesson, so I am told…..

blessing in disguise unravel in the dark.

Stillness reveals the answer, so I am told…

A quick fix to a lifelong revelation…

What is the lesson is the personal quest, so I am told…

There is no end to knowledge revealed..

Suffering is an illusion, so I am told..

The truth will make you stronger if it doesn’t kill you.

2020 lessons are the victory in itself, so I am told…

life goes on and back to business as usual…

Endings are a part of life, so I am told…

Nothing is permanent even monuments of steel.

Let go and let god, so I am told..

For they know not what they do and who they do it to.

Go within and be light, so I am told..

it is all that holds ground during the storms of fire.

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