Beware the three legged dudes, the ones whose brains are in their dicks. They walk with all that swag goin from bitch to bitch to bitch…. One thinks they are Tuff.Guy strong in their teens but not.. beyond. They may play a sharp geeTar

yet one note, check the eyes, dudes gone….

Beware the three legged dudes, girls think that is all it takes. Get’s old and old and old when little rover jerks off fakes. Now ladies I ain’t gotta tell ya. We know a mile away so you can play it like a fiddle….

….those dudes will take the cookie and the cake

Beware the three legged dudes, they act like dogs and pups.. But come on Ladies we get that jeeves did not grow up. Right between the thighs is where their reputation lies…..and lies…. and lies…

but Good dudes will warn us yet some gals will need validation inside their thighs……

Best to creep away softly, if U.. R…. faced with this strain… Of three legged dudes… I will say it again plain.. They only think with their dicks, beyond their suave..la…la..dear. They usually are a throwback to a pathetic retro year…

So Men if you live in the shadow of a three legged dude….

Don’t worry at all. Yes they are rude. Skanks and dames may sha—wing–and–shush-swooon.. But they ain’t gotta chance cuz they are abscessed with their own… pants down moon…

mr. lonely man, boring ones with the glasses….you come out on top

a con man’s a conner and

no rhyme here….. I lied…..

they step into

their own

plop………….peace out

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