Physical creatures being pulled in multiple directions holding tightly to not be controlled; I ponder the concept of forgiveness.

Resentment plays a necessary part to keeping my heart safe and leaving all faces blurred by distance.

To bring them close is to get lost in an illusion masquerading as sister, brother, mother and father.

Forgiveness provides me a clever way to show the world how good I am, while rebelling against it in a form of hypocrisy of conditioned emotions.

Do I only forgive you when you forgive me and what is the proof that it is real. Judah or Jesus, each met with the same fate.

I surrender to all the labels and uniforms in which bubbling rage made fulfilled.

Ahead of the joke, thinking my clever act would bring my redemption.

Forgiveness testing my former self against my future self, not too sure of whose rules to follow so I forfeit the game.

The more I manipulate the narrative the longer egg dries upon my face.

Defining myself to the chapters of my own book and bisecting each precious now into two piles that linear life forces upon us all.

Complexity will not survive in the rat race and stilted postures don’t seem to fit.

Stronger now by allowing myself to be seen as curious eyes want to dress the shell.

Reacting never got me anywhere but I didn’t bother to tell my mouth.

This concept continues to show itself as multi dimensional underneath each repressed insight forming another body to prove it to.

Deep waters lie still as I let forgiveness define me and not the other way around, leaving the work to god.

Standing alone to sort it out without the suit of armor that cast shadows speckled with all my misdeeds.

Forgiving myself for trusting those who created the metal and bringing me back from the edge of distraction.


Brave soldiers walking the talk, having more energy than I and standing for all future me’s.

Stay strong.

Stay united even when folks like me rather write about it than be by your side.

I am weaker than my sermons would protest but you give my weary heart hope for change.

we hung up our hats while every eye and every arm links in solidarity to take back dignity.

The failure of my imagination pays lip service to the courage and strength in numbers on the street

Anytown america giving us reason to believe in a better day

One where men, woman and children can leave their house and be greeted by compassion

A place where a small misstep is met with a helping hand

a neihborhood that mothers don’t need to fret and every sound of the engine

A justice system in which dad’s don’t have to pray for a gaf or stutter to secure redemption

Brooklyn Center a snapshot of our shared darkness and collective light

I walk with you, if only in tepid words whispered to the gods.


a memory that flashes a bit of light to a simple thought of home

taking me out of the walls that locked me into bitter survival

grabbing sunshine from small stories of when I was good and life was easy

i gift the world with whatever form of crazy keeps my memory alive knowing nothing of my passage through time

giving up the sorrow to wipe it all clean and bury it deeper

my diary of dirty laundry kept to justify your escape to a quiet deserved

clouds up ahead letting forgiveness rise to all parts of this body

weeping willow take all confessions to back up this new season

a memory to remind the river that earth is an unconditional witness

putting regret to bed and taking punishment off the table of wild flowers

smelling the patient friends that bear no judgement and sprout perspective towards a new day

colors and senses replace feelings and nonsense from a past that no longer exists

a bud in the sky poking out its nose to tell me it shall all fade into memory.

Writing Challenge

Hello expression monkey’s. So in light of current events today’s theme is WAKE UP CALL. The only way to make a change is to come face to face with the truth and then acknowledge when a problem exist. I have been operating lately from a quote I heard online that said “you can’t fix a hole in the wall that you can’t see” Writing is an excellent way to not only make peace with your feeling but also to open up closed minds to see something that they refuse to see. “we are all in this together” is not only a clever slogan but an action to be met with fierce application.

(I apologize for my spelling infinity… can’t be great at everything:)

Write any length poem or story based on the theme: WAKE UP CALL

Rules: no rules, don’t think


he puts his head in the sand

hoping to hear the sound of the waves and the sun on his face

feet poking out to be tickled by sea gulls and wind gusts

can’t quite breathe but the warmth of his hole hugs the shoulders tight

A red cooler stocked full by bikini girls and tinted glasses

the dark salt keeps the body preserved in order to appear alive

his heart maintains it’s pace through a pyramid of boomboxes blasting from the blanket ajacent

pushed to the limit that soaks the tears up in the stripes of terry cloth

damned if you do so might as well keep the towel in the bag

letting the nasty side hidden by the quiet underground



purple painted toes

controlling the day with only seeing the night


Above the law

America’s disease

the lady takes it for the team

the men bought a get away car

go for the win

leave all moral compass at the door

the big stage reflecting the collective bypass

protected by the boys club

don’t mess with one of ours

to feel too much gets a scarlet letter

turning the cheek over a game and a beer

let the little things go to a harmless choir

slight of hand setting a spotlight on the larger issue

just keep quiet and it will all go away

no sensible person checks under the rug when popularity is the prize

find a truth to make it through the moment

sandblasting the spark of life one mulatto at a time

till they come to you

just a corpse decaying in the back of the room

stepping over the worms for a clever lecture in a tune we can hum to

which makes it all ok

above the lawless